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2022 / 96m - UK
Thriller, Horror
Stalker poster

A neat little single-location thriller with horror overtones. You get two characters stuck in an elevator, so if you want lots of things happening this is probably not the film for you, but Johnson does a great job building up the tension and hides a few fun (but somewhat predictable) twists in there to boot.

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When Rose arrives at her hotel, nobody is there. She takes the elevator, and at the last moment, a strange-looking guy joins her. On their way up the lift gets stuck and as they are unable to get it to move again, they start up an awkward conversation. The man turns out to be a colleague of Rose, who knows a thing or two about office secrets.

Both actors do a splendid job, Johnson makes excellent use of the small environment (he is a cinematographer after all), the music is moody and some minor twists here and there keep the film moving forward (even when the elevator isn't). A nifty and polished film that makes me interested in Johnson's other work.