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2022 / 90m - UK
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A pretty decent sci-fi, with a fun premise and solid special effects in support. Director Stone could've taken things a little further, certainly with the ending. The film asks some interesting (though not very original) questions but then comes up with a lame solution that felt very much like a cop-out.

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A spaceship crew is woken up from their sleep for a special mission. A mysterious black sphere has appeared in Earth's vicinity, and nobody knows what the thing is doing there. The crew is briefed and tasked with the investigation of the object. The only thing they know is that the sphere is sending out signals that translate to the word God.

The effects team did a pretty great job, as I suspect Deus was made on a rather limited budget. The religious premise is also fun, but it never feels fully explored. The performances are pretty weak and some directorial/aesthetic choices are a little questionable, but all in all, this was a pretty pleasant sci-fi flick. The potential was there to be something more though.