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Searching for Bobby Fischer

1993 / 109m - USA
Searching for Bobby Fischer poster

After the immense success of The Queen's Gambit, this old Hollywood feelgood schmaltz was dragged out of the shadows again. It's good timing to bring this film back into the spotlights, as the quality is actually pretty low and it would be hard to get people to watch this without the prior chess hype.

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Josh Waitzkin is a child prodigy. When his parents recognize his talent, they hire a specialized teacher to get him the education he needs to become a champion. Josh loves chess, but isn't a big fan of the teaching methods, nor the fact that he has to give up everything else to become the best chess player in the US.

Cheap Hollywood morality, stern but laughable performances, cheesy music and a cheery ending you could predict 5 minutes in. It's the worst kind of Hollywood movie, lacking any kind of quality, any discernible input from the director and any form of genuine drama. Back to obscurity with this one.