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Alive and kicking


The Open House

2018 / 94m - USA
Horror, Thriller
The Open House poster


2021 / 88m - USA
Hypnotic poster

It seems the 90s B-thriller is making a veritable comeback. A perfect genre if you're a streaming service in dire need of quick and simple filler, great films they are not though. Hypnotic is no exception. Whatever intrigue there is comes from a handful of decently executed scene, the rest is rather bland and predictable.

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Jenn is having quite a bit of trouble getting over her breakup. Her friend suggests she go see a therapist, which she reluctantly agrees to. Dr. Maede turns out to be pretty talented and after Jenn's first hypnosis session things are finally starting to go her way. Then, completely out of the blue, Jenn doesn't really feel like herself anymore.

It won't take you long to figure out the plot, it all comes down to Coote and Angel's direction, which is pretty mediocre. They do the bare minimum to introduce some tension, and that's it really. Performances are basic, the cinematography is borderline acceptable, the plot simplistic. Not terrible if you're looking for simple filler, but that's about all you can hope for.