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Treasure City

2020 / 92m - Hungary
Treasure City poster

Well-made, but not terribly original. It's one of those character dramas where seemingly unrelated people cross each other's paths in a limited time span. The cinematography is above average and there are some interesting narrative strands, but the runtime is a little limiting and safe for a select few moments, the film has trouble setting itself apart from its peers.

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One night in Budapest. People are living their lives, facing everyday drama. Parents are struggling to raise their kids, women feel forced they live a life they didn't ask for, while others are demonstrating for a better nation. All these lives will pass each other by, shortly connecting, only to drift off again to other destinations.

The warm and colorful cinematography is a plus, some slightly fantastical moments (like the ending) bring much-needed variation into the otherwise relatively mundane drama. The way the different stories connect isn't too special and with quite a few characters on display, a somewhat longer runtime would've been justified. It was better than I expected though.