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2023 / 117m - South Korea
Unlocked poster

A pretty solid South Korean thriller, but a bit too slick and half an hour too long. The setup is pretty interesting, but the film starts to drag a little from the midpoint on. Kim fails to further increase the tension once it's obvious where the film is heading, which makes for a somewhat middling finale.

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One drunken night, Na Mi forgets her phone on the bus. A young guy picks it up and takes it home. He has a knack for hacking into people's phones and he returns the phone to Na Mi with spyware installed. From that moment on, he can track her every move, and he makes good use of that to get closer to her.

Unlocked is an adequate tech doom thriller, but it lacks an enigmatic bad guy and the few twists and turns in the second half of the film aren't strong enough to keep me on the edge of my seat. The styling is nice but a little unremarkable, and the performances are good but never outstanding. Decent filler.