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Eagle vs. Shark

2007 / 87m - New Zealand
Eagle vs. Shark poster

Waititi started his career on a strong note. Eagle vs Shark manages to be extremely funny, strangely awkward and surprisingly touching, all at the same time. Horsley and Clement are perfect, the film is short and to the point and even though it's obviously a low budget affair, Waititi turns it to his advantage.

Thor: Love and Thunder

2022 / 125m - USA
Comedy, Fantasy
Thor: Love and Thunder poster

Waititi's fourth Thor film hits my sweet spot. This is what I want from my superhero flicks: pure silliness and entertainment. Is there room for other things? Sure, but always in the margin. Waititi keeps it light, fun and daft from start to finish. Not quite original, he also pulled this off in the third Thor film, I'm just glad to see him repeat it.

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After Thor was abandoned by Jane, he feels empty inside. He wanders around, saving people from evil, but he's mostly putting on a show. Jane from her side is suffering from stage 4 cancer. Out of options, she seeks out Mjolnir, hoping the hammer can make her healthy again.

It's always lovely to see famous actors make a fool of themselves, there are some pretty hilarious (and devious) jokes (like those horrible, horrible goats), and the pacing is nigh perfect, making those two hours fly by. There's still a bit too much blockbuster sauce and the soundtrack is a bust, but other than that, great film.

Jojo Rabbit

2019 / 108m - New Zealand
Comedy, War
Jojo Rabbit poster

Fun, amusing and Andersonesque WWII comedy. Waititi clearly had a lot of fun playing Hitler, the rest of the cast was visibly enjoying themselves too. The jokes are funny, the drama is decent, the setup feels original. Somehow I got the feeling the film didn't use its full potential, but it's definitely a recommended watch.

Thor: Ragnarok

2017 / 130m - USA
Comedy, Fantasy, Action
Thor: Ragnarok poster

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

2016 / 101m - New Zealand
Comedy, Drama, Adventure
Hunt for the Wilderpeople poster

What We Do in the Shadows

2014 / 86m - New Zealand
Comedy, Horror
What We Do in the Shadows poster


2010 / 87m - New Zealand
Comedy, Drama
Boy poster