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The Hungry Lion

Ueta Raion
2017 / 78m - Japan
The Hungry Lion poster

An impressive drama that deals with bullying head-on. It's the story of a young student who is mistaken for a girl in an erotic video filmed by her teacher. Regardless of Hitomi's claims that she's not the girl in the video, the bullying starts and takes up more grotesque forms by the day, completely alienating her from her environment.

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The most pressing part isn't even the bullying, it's the aftermath of the events that I found the most shocking. People don't even try to acknowledge their part in the events and either want to move on with their lives, or present a different story that absolves them from any responsibility. This is where the true heart of the film lies.

The Hungry Lion is well acted, the presentation is quite dry but stark and to the point. The editing is probably the most noteworthy part as cuts are quite harsh and crude, but they add a level of realism to the film. It's not a personal favorite as I tend to prefer more cinematic films, but it is an impressive drama that drives its point home.