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The Professor and His Beloved Equation

Hakase no Aishita Sûshiki
2006 / 117m - Japan
Drama, Romance
The Professor and His Beloved Equation poster

A love letter to maths and humanity. It's a rare film that has a personal connection to me, as my math teacher in high school had a similar drive for maths, both its cold beauty and its warmer, worldly implications. I still love seeing that in this film, my only issue this time is that the drama is a bit too cheesy.

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A cleaner is assigned to a household of a professor who suffers from severe memory loss. Many workers before her couldn't cope with his specific issues, but the woman grows fond of the professor, and her young son develops a strong bond with him. The professor's sister-in-law becomes a little weary of the situation.

There's quite a bit of beauty here, but it's not so much in the technical elements and the drama is too simplistic. A more subtle approach would've made this into an easy favorite, but I still found a lot to enjoy here. Good performances and a genuine love for maths make this a very pleasant film.

After the Rain

Ame Agaru
1999 / 91m - Japan
After the Rain poster