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The Savages

2007 / 113m - USA
Drama, Comedy
The Savages poster

A pretty archetypical dramedy. The film is light on comedy, doesn't hold back on the drama. It's one of those films that does its best to tackle tough themes and scarred characters, but comes out quite predictable and cliché. In the end, it comes down to Jenkins failing to elevate her film.

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Jon and Wendy are a brother and sister who have grown apart over the years, but when their estranged dad requires care, they meet up again. Together they look for a place where they can house their aging father, in the meantime they catch up on each other's lives, facing their old demons.

The performances are decent, but that's about it. Characters are sullen and somewhat boring, there's an excess of drama and the comedy feels too predictable. It's really just a simple drama like there are so many already, with not enough differentiating qualities to stand out from its peers.