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The Twin

2022 / 109m - Finland
The Twin poster

A somewhat lifeless cut-and-paste job. The Twin is like many other horror films you've seen before, but tries to be a bit more original by combining two different horror clich├ęs into a single film. Not that director Mustonen gets away with it, and to make things worse, it only adds unnecessarily to the runtime.

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A car crash turns the lives of a young family upside down. Nathan doesn't survive the crash, leaving his parents and brother to fend for themselves. They decide to start anew in Finland (that's where the director is from), but soon enough his brother starts to act as if Nathan was still around.

The Twin is a well-made film, but it's also pretty boring. Predictable twists, easy scares and derivative plot points are scattered throughout. The acting is decent, and the cinematography is appropriately grim, but even that seems to be copied from better film. Simple horror filler.