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Legend of Deification

Jiang Ziya
2020 / 110m - China
Fantasy, Action - Animation
Legend of Deification poster

It's a good thing I was somewhat prepared for what to expect. Legend of Deification is another Chinese attempt to cash in on the US CG animation style. And it does a pretty good job at that too, with some better than average designs and some intriguing lore that makes this film markedly better than the umpteenth animal comedy/adventure.

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The thing is that the introduction of this film is quite something else. It almost plays like a short within the film, setting the stage for the adventure that is about to unfold while sporting a staggeringly lush art style that dropped my mouth to the floor. It's just really tough to let go of that after just 10 minutes, falling back to something way more pedestrian.

The sets are quite beautiful, the film benefits from a superb villain and the fantasy elements are very well realized, it's just that the art style is rather plain, which keeps the film from reaching its full potential. Certainly a lot better than many of its US peers, but please let them do a full-length feature in the style of the opening.