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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Doragon Bôru Chô: Sūpā Hîrô
2022 / 100m - Japan
Fantasy, Action - Animation
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero poster

The most recent Dragon Ball film, which means I made it until the end (apart from some TV specials). I was quite impressed with the first Super film, this second one is a big step backward. The art style has undergone another change, with a stronger focus on CG, which never feels quite right.

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The plot is pretty unadventurous too. The Red Army is back. One of their descendants, Hedo, is brought back to create new androids in order to defeat the Dragon Ball crew. He creates two new adversaries, Gamma 1 & 2, that will help them bring Gohan down. To make sure he takes the bite, they also kidnap his daughter.

The art style isn't spectacular, the fights feel a tad underwhelming (even though they are pretty epic again), and the 100-minute runtime is a bit of a stretch. No matter how I look at it, the original three Dragon Ball films are still the best in the series, which is a disappointing conclusion after having sat through 21 films.