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The World of Kanako

2014 / 118m - Japan
Mystery, Crime
The World of Kanako poster

The World of Kanako isn't subtle and doesn't offer much in the way of breathers. It's crazy, weird, harsh and fast-paced, piling body upon body and putting Akikazu through increasingly rough trials.


2010 / 106m - Japan
Drama, Thriller
Confessions poster

It's an audiovisual masterpiece, bearing an interesting plot, powerful emotions and some poignant social commentary. Nakashima keeps growing with every film.

Memories of Matsuko

Kiraware Matsuko no Issho
2006 / 130m - Japan
Drama, Musical
Memories of Matsuko poster

If you care for contrast, this film delivers. An extremely tragic and depressing story is told in the brightest, most colourful and upbeat way possible. Nakashima's style is striking, the characters are happy and chirpy, but the spiral of negativity is inescapable. A strange and unpredictable film, but it is all the better for it.

It Comes

2018 / 135m - Japan
Horror, Mystery
It Comes poster

Nakashima doing horror, it's a sight to behold. The man can't stick to a single genre it seems, then again everything he touches turns to cinematic gold, so who am I to complain. Intriguing, beautifully shot, smartly structured and with a long finale that dazzles for almost 30 minutes. This is another masterpiece.

Kamikaze Girls

Shimotsuma Monogatari
2004 / 102m - Japan
Kamikaze Girls poster

A crazy, creative, vibrant film that keeps a pretty strict pace and only slows down a little toward the end of the film. But even then, there's a sprawling finale that pulls out all the stops.

Paco and the Magical Picture Book

Pako to Maho no Ehon
2008 / 105m - Japan
Comedy, Fantasy
Paco and the Magical Picture Book poster

It's overly childish, way too fluffy for its own good, and it's over-the-top maximalist while being completely unapologetic about it, but in the end, it still works like a charm.

Beautiful Sunday

1998 / 93m - Japan
Beautiful Sunday poster


Natsu Jikan no Otonatachi
1997 / 73m - Japan
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