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2018 / 70m - Germany
Horror, Mystery
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Luz is certainly a unique project, impossible to compare with any other film I've seen. Singer created a very mysterious feature, he isn't afraid to leave much of the narrative in the dark and the mood is extremely explicit. Sounds perfect really, but somehow I left the film somewhat underwhelmed.

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Luz is a Chilean woman who stumbles into a police station. She doesn't make a lot of sense, so the police calls in the help of Dr. Rossini. When he arrives he hypnotizes Luz, taking her back to earlier in the day. Luz is a cab driver and picks up an old school friend. What follows defies description.

It's nice to see that Singer fully commit to the atmosphere, but the soundtrack is a bit simplistic and the drab 70s/80s vibe didn't really do it for me. It's the rather disappointing finale that left me wanting the most though, a film like this really need to go full out, but Singer keeps everything very restrained. In the end, the atmosphere isn't powerful enough to support the sluggish pacing, but the film deserves bonus points for doing something different.