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Devil in the Dark

2017 / 82m - Canada
Horror, Thriller
Devil in the Dark poster

A disappointing horror film. All the elements are there for a fun and moody genre flick, instead director Brown focuses way too much on the uninteresting and overwrought relationship between two estranged brothers. You need good actors and intriguing drama for that, two things completely lacking here.

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Clint and Adam haven't seen each other for 15 years. To reconnect, they plan a hunting trip in the mountains. When they reach their destination, they find a strange den that looks very menacing. Something is out there with them on the mountain, and the two brothers are about to become its prey.

The actual horror elements are interesting, but they're executed pretty poorly. The creature looks rather silly, the scares are too plain, and the setting could've been used a lot better. Instead of spending so much time on the textbook drama between the brothers, Brown should've put more effort into making a better horror flick.