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The Second Coming

Zong Sheng
2014 / 88m - Hong Kong
Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
The Second Coming poster

Not the worst Hong Kong horror film you'll ever see, but certainly not the most memorable either. You may wonder if this wasn't just a random vehicle to sell the 3D gimmick, and good luck trying to make a case in defense of The Second Coming. At least Yau adheres to a baseline quality that keeps things watchable.

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When Lucy discovers a little pot buried in the ground, her life is about to change forever. When she opens the pot an insect crawls out, from that moment on Lucy starts getting visions and a ghost starts haunting her. Her parents believe the sudden troubles are related to a past secret they have kept hidden from Lucy.

Because it's Yau there are some nasty scenes that do hit home, but like many other Asian horror films, The Second Coming doesn't build up to a crescendo. Instead, the finale turns more dramatic and spends a lot of time explaining the drama that lies at the core of the hauntings. The CG and performances aren't that great either, which leaves you with a film that starts well enough, but slowly fades away.