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Choose or Die

2022 / 84m - UK
Choose or Die poster

A fun horror film. The concept is simple enough, the styling is smart and there are some pretty memorable moments. The younger cast, the lack of explicit gore and the limited 80s pandering might throw off some people, but I don't think they really get in the way of the enjoyment here.

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A collector of old 80s tech discovers a tape with a game on it. When the game is started, it prompts the player to choose between different scenarios. Those choices directly influence reality around the player, causing death and destruction whenever the game is summoned. And as the title explains, not choosing results in the death of the player.

Though the 80s are firmly present, the very contemporary soundtrack and cinematography, the young cast and the restraint to make this some 80s jerk fest keep the film in the now. A fun cameo by Englund and a small but terrific performance by Eddie Marsan further elevate the film. Good fun.