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The Violence Action

2022 / 111m - Japan
Action, Comedy
The Violence Action poster

Silly bubblegum action nonsense, executed rather well. It's a step up from Baby Assassins, The Violence Action has a bit more flair and fun and a few less dull moments. The action scenes are a bit of an acquired taste though, and while I liked them quite a bit, the execution could've been better.

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Kikuno is a student who is also a skilled assassin for hire on the side. She operates her business from a ramen shop with a couple of colleagues and is about to get mixed up in a complex Yakuza case. They hire Kikuno to get rid of their bookkeeper, but she gets an assassin of her own on her tail.

The action scenes are flashy, the cinematography is colorful and the pacing is slick. The comedy falls a little flat though and the film could've been a tad shorter, but I had a pretty good time throughout. It's not the most remarkable film, Japan can do better in this genre, but if you're looking for fun filler, look no further.

The Way of the Househusband

2022 / 117m - Japan
Comedy, Crime
The Way of the Househusband poster

The Way of the Househusband was already a popular anime and live-action TV show, so I'm not surprised they turned out a movie version too. It's pretty much what you'd expect from a live-action anime adaptation, funny and over-the-top, but a bit low on cinematic qualities and a bit too generic to make a lasting impression.

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A former Yakuza hitman mellowed out and turned his life around. He has a wife and kids now, and he stays at home, taking care of the household. His old life still follows him around though, and the police are wary of his behavior. Some big misunderstandings will make his life a big old mess.

The comedy is pretty predictable, the acting style is well over-the-top and the pun-based misunderstandings are a little too generic. Japan likes to Yakuzafy everything and this wasn't a bad attempt, it's just not a very remarkable or memorable one. Pretty decent if you're looking for light comedy fluff, but don't expect anything more.