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See How They Run

2022 / 98m - UK
Comedy, Mystery
See How They Run poster

A pleasant whodunit. Not my favorite genre, but the perks of See How They Run are less related to the plot and reveals, and more so to the presentation and the comedy. It makes a film like this so much easier to digest, though the relatively short runtime definitely had something to do with it too.

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A director is in town to adapt the latest Agatha Christie play to the big screen. He doesn't make himself popular with the rest of his crew, which leaves quite a few suspects when he gets murdered. Stoppard (a seasoned detective) and Stalker (a young constable) are tasked with finding the killer.

Ronan and Rockwell are a delight, the tongue-in-cheek comedy is enjoyable and the presentation feels polished. The plot is still rather basic and George's direction could've used a little extra flair (I know the film is set in the 50s, but it feels just a little too stale and proper), but this easily beat both Knives Out films for me.