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The Furies

2019 / 82m - Australia
The Furies poster

A sweet reminder that brutality has been slowly seeping out of the horror genre over the past decade. For all the psychological, elevated horror we got in return we seem to have lost the films that reveled in guts and gore. It's nice to see some directors still have a sweet spot for the more straightforward approach.

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The premise is pretty basic. Two girls are kidnapped and are released in the woods. Deformed, maniacal killers are chasing them and try to slash'm down. There's a little twist (a very predictable one) that transpires after the halfway mark, but this isn't a film you'll be watching for its intriguing, well-developed plot.

The start's a little slow, but once the first victim gets her faced scraped off with an axe it's clear that The Furies is going to be a lot of fun. D'Aquino isn't afraid to focus on the gory details of the kills, add to that some twisted characters and all the ingredients are there for some good old-fashioned slasher entertainment. A very pleasant surprise.