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Tom Jones

1963 / 129m - UK
Comedy, Romance
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Another example that the American film prizes are worth jack. Not sure what made people fall in love with this film some 50 years ago, but this was just downright bland and annoying. Tom Jones is a light-hearted costume drama about a promiscuous boy, but lacks any skill or refinement to make it interesting.

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Tom Jones is suspect of being the bastard son of an English lord. He is brought up in good standing and is madly in love with Sophie, but he can't marry her because of his reputation. Sophie's suitor makes it so that Tom gets banished from his home, after which he sets out in search of his real father.

The comedy is drab, the pacing all over the place, the cinematography paltry. I didn't care much for the plot and the characters, nor for anything else to be honest. I'm not the biggest costume drama fan to begin with, but this was a notable low in the genre. It's a film that has slipped into obscurity after winning its big prizes, and that's where this one belongs.