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2018 / 92m - USA
Comedy, Horror
Deadtectives poster

A decent horror comedy that gets just a little too lazy when it really starts to matter. It's a typical problem for this niche, where some films tend to depend a little too much on the comedy bits and fall through the moment the film stops being funny. That's exactly the issue with the second half of Deadtectives.

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West delivers a parody on the many Ghost Adventures-like rip-offs, looking back it's a small miracle that he's (one of) the first to do this. It's a horror niche that has had massive success this past decade, so it was only a matter of time before it became the target of some good old parody fun.

The introduction is pretty amusing, with some recognizable jokes that tackle the many clich├ęs of its source material. The overacting is fun for a while and the somewhat cheap production values play into the cards of the parody, but once the hauntings start it becomes clear that incompetence and parody are hard to distinguish. There's some fun to be had here, but not quite enough for this to be a successful comedy.