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The Ultimate Teacher

Kyofun no Byoningen Saishu Kyoshi
1988 / 60m - Japan
Comedy - Animation
The Ultimate Teacher poster

A pretty random anime comedy. Based on a manga of course, although I wonder if reading that would make this more sensible. The randomness is in fact part of its charm. It's a pretty short film, full of batshit crazy ideas, which it doesn't mind committing to. It's perfect filler, but only if you like this kind of zany stuff.

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Ganpachi is a teacher who enlists himself in the worst school in the neighborhood, hoping to turn it into a better place. The students won't have it, but Ganpachi outsmarts them every time. Until he has to face Hinako, a girl who draws superpowers from her special panties. Yups, you read that right.

Takenaka is great as Ganpachi, the animation is basic but well over-the-top and the jokes are pretty fun. There's a pleasant 80s vibe and at 60 minutes, there's no time to get bored. In the end, this is a pretty forgettable anime and certainly nothing too unique, but if you're looking for daft amusement, this one ticks all the boxes.

Fist of the North Star

Hokuto no Ken
1986 / 110m - Japan
Action, Fantasy - Animation
Fist of the North Star poster

Vampire Hunter D

Kyûketsuki Hantâ D
1985 / 80m - Japan
Fantasy, Horror - Animation
Vampire Hunter D poster