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Ride the Eagle

2021 / 88m - USA
Comedy, Drama
Ride the Eagle poster

You can't be a proper comedian nowadays without headlining in your own, dedicated dramedy. These films are rarely anything special, but for some reason they keep making them. And so it's no real surprise to see Jake Johnson pop up in one. The result is rather unremarkable.

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Leif's mom left him when he was still a kid, and they never reconnected. When she dies, Leif inherits her cabin, but only when he completes a list of tasks left behind by his mom. He travels to her cabin and reluctantly agrees, but the trip to the mountains turns out to be a life changer.

These dramedies are never very funny, nor is the drama particularly poignant. Johnson isn't quite strong enough to carry a film by himself either and the soundtrack is rather crummy, but the pacing is decent enough and there are some pleasant moments. It's not a horrible film, just a very unmemorable one.