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The Sleepover

2020 / 100m - USA
Crime, Comedy
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A film aimed at parents with young(er) children. While not as excessively childish as Spy Kids, there's very little here for adults who aren't forced to watch films when there are young kinds abound. Within that segment The Sleepover isn't the worst I guess, though I don't think I'd have missed much by skipping this one altogether.

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Akerman and Marino are a rather dull parents with two kids and a dog. Turns out though that Akerman was living a much wilder life when she was younger, and the remnants of those crazy days are finally catching up with her. While she and her husband are kidnapped, her kids set out on a mission to save her.

There are a handful of decent chuckles, but all the comedy is child-proof. The direction is pretty bland and lifeless, the characters are all simple stereotypes and the action scenes lack spirit. It's just all very middle-of-the-road, though at least it doesn't make you feel like you've just been lobotomized.