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Tokyo Revengers

Tôkyô Ribenjâzu
2021 / 120m - Japan
Action, Crime
Tokyo Revengers poster

A typical high school brawler, though sporting a more fantastical component to flesh out its premise. It doesn't change all that much, in the end it's still a bunch of high school kids kicking and punching each other. If anything, the time spent explaining this plot device takes away from the core fun.

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Takemichi leads a pointless and unfulfilling life. When he hears his old high school girlfriend died in a local gang war, he ponders where it went wrong for him. On his way home, he ends up on the tracks of the metro, but when the train is about to hit him, a time warp takes Takemichi back 10 years in time.

If you like this niche, then Tokyo Revengers won't disappoint. The performances are solid, the gangs are pretty badass, and the time travel mechanic does add a bit of a twist to an otherwise rather generic genre. The direction feels a bit plain though and with many better films released in the past couple of years, it's hardly a stand-out.

Humanoid Monster Bela

Yôkai Ningen Bela
2020 / 100m - Japan
Humanoid Monster Bela poster

An interesting concept, but the film itself never quite seems to know what it wants to be. The execution is pretty serious and moody, the plot and visuals on the other hand feel more at home in a cheesy B-film. I think this would've been better as some over-the-top splatter project, but the film never gets close.

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Nitta works for an advertising company, where he is assigned to design the packaging of an old anime box set. It's a low-profile project that seems doomed to fail until they hear of an alternate ending to the show's finale. When they dig up the footage, something strange happens to Nitta.

The performances are decent, the cinematography is proper, and the budget seems adequate. Which is nice, and as a result there are some fun and interesting scenes, but the film gets a little stuck whenever the film turns more grotesque. It's still an amusing little horror film, but it had the potential to be more.

Sadako 3D 2

2013 / 96m - Japan
Sadako 3D 2 poster

Sadako 3D

2012 / 96m - Japan
Sadako 3D poster