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Sha Chu Ge Huangun
2021 / 99m - Hong Kong
Crime, Drama
Time poster

An interesting take on the crime genre, with a sweet and stylish drama as a result. Time offers a somewhat odd mix of genres, certainly for a Hong Kong film, but director Po keeps a fine balance and has a trio of seasoned actors to fall back on. What the film lacks in truly standout moments, it makes up for in overall quality.

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Chau was once a fearsome assassin, after his retirement, he feels a bit lost. Together with two others, he starts a little service to assist senior citizens who want to end their lives. His life is turned upside down when a young girl approaches him and demands he kills her. Chau doesn't want to have anything to do with minors, but slowly a bond develops between the two.

The performances are pretty good (Patrick Tse is on fire and I'm always happy to see Lam Suet in a meatier role), the cinematography is very polished and the pacing is perfect. The story isn't too original and there are few surprises here, but this film is a nice reminder that Hong Kong cinema isn't entirely dead yet.