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The Incredible Monk

2018 / 93m - China
Action, Fantasy
The Incredible Monk poster

Tze-chung Lam gained a little fame from his appearances in early 2000 Stephen Chow comedies, but he never really made it big. It seems he's putting some effort in directing films now, though I don't think he'll fare much better. The Incredible Monk is a brave attempt, but far from a good film.

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Ji Gong is one of China's many historical heroes, the kind of figure who goes on many adventures, each of them very lucrative for a movie adaptation. Some of Gong's old adversaries are popping up again, bothering the people on Earth. Ji Gong suspects something is wrong and stumbles into a big conspiracy.

On paper this is a fun mix of fantasy, martial arts and comedy, but the execution is quite poor and the performances aren't any better. It's a throwback to 90s Hong Kong cinema, but with some shoddy CG and none of the flashy direction that made these films so much fun. At least the pacing is decent and it's light entertainment from start to finish, but it's a shame they can't do better with this material.