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Mighty Space Miners

Oira Uchû no Tankôfu
1994 / 60m - Japan
Adventure, Sci-fi - Animation
Mighty Space Miners poster

A fun little oddity, but not recommended for completists. Mighty Space Miners was projected to be a 6-part OAV, only two episodes were made, and the series stops mid-plot. I'm not sure why this was discontinued as there is plenty to like here (the whiney lead character might have had something to do with it), but it's clear by now we'll never know how this story would've ended.

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Nanbu is a skilled 12-year-old who lives on an artificial satellite of Earth. He can't wait to become a real astronaut, but when he is going through his tests disaster strikes and he fails. Things are about to get worse when the satellite is floating off course and Earth sees no other option than to evacuate and destroy the satellite before our home planet is put in actual danger.

The animation is proper and detailed, and the sci-fi elements are well-realized too. It's somewhat of a shame that we're dealing with a childish 12-year-old in the lead, making things a bit more kiddy than they needed to be, other than that I have little to complain about. Just a fun and capable sci-fi anime. A shame they never managed to finish this.