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2021 / 93m - USA
Comedy, Music
Mixtape poster

So you want to make a movie about punk, but the market is more into 90s retro hip. Well, just let a 90s kid reassemble the broken mixtape of her deceased parents (who just happened to be into punk). The result is a bit basic, and a bit too childish for all its punk pandering, but it's not the worst in its genre.

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Beverly is being raised by her grandmother, as her parents died in a car accident when she was two. One day she finds an old cassette left behind by her parents. She tries to play it, but the Walkman instantly ruins the tape. Beverly only has a track list to go on, but that's not going to stop her for reassembling the tape.

The characters are a bit cheesy, the comedy is very safe and prim and the music isn't really something that warms my heart. The kids aren't terrible though and there are some funnier bits scattered throughout. It's a shame the direction is quite dim, making this a pretty forgettable flick.