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2020 / 87m - France
Horror, Thriller
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A bit of a surprise from director Paronnaud, especially for people like me who haven't keen track of his career and know him solely from Persepolis. I wouldn't have expected to see him do a horror/thriller revenge flick, but here we are. Even more surprising is that Paronnaud actually managed to deliver a film that is well above average.

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Eve is going through a bit of a rough patch. Trying to escape the rut, she decides to go out for a night in the town. In a local bar she meets an intriguing guy who helps her to get rid of an annoying drunk. The two hit it off, but when they leave the bar, Eve is dragged into a car and finds herself at the mercy of two crazy guys.

Paronnaud's direction is well above par, the performances are strong, and the soundtrack is a big plus. The setups is rather basic though and the film goes a little off the rails at the end. If you're looking for a solid revenge flick with some standout moments, this comes recommended.

Plain forgettable


2007 / 96m - France
Animation, Drama, War
Persepolis poster