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While the Women Are Sleeping

Onna ga Nemuru Toki
2016 / 102m - Japan
Mystery, Thriller
While the Women Are Sleeping poster

While the Women Are Sleeping is a fine mystery/thriller. The film looks great, sports a good soundtrack, has a perfect cast and handles both its mystery and its audience with the proper respect.


1995 / 112m - USA
Comedy, Drama
Smoke poster

Family of Winners

Dian Di Lian Meng
2017 / 97m - China
Comedy, Drama
Family of Winners poster

Amusing e-sports film. Doesn't differ too much from a regular sports film to be honest, but Wang (not the famous one) executes it rather well. The in-game scenes are a little cheesy and the ending is pretty predictable, but it's a fun and harmless diversion from start to finish.

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Xuehua yu Mishan
2011 / 120m - China
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan poster

Last Holiday

2006 / 112m - USA
Comedy, Romance
Last Holiday poster

A very cheesy and predictable romcom. I hadn't been disappointed by Wang yet, but this is definitely a first. The story is lame and moralistic, Latifah is a rather poor lead and the secondary roles aren't any better. At least the setting is lush and luxurious, but that's about the only positive thing here.