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Soul Hunter

by Wen Xu
2020 / 96m - China
Fantasy, Romance
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A rather messy mix of fantasy and romance. Wen Xu shoots for the moon with Soul Hunter, but doesn't really have the budget nor the technical and creative chops to pull it off. The result is a film that shows quite a bit of promise, but trips itself up one too many times and left me behind somewhat unfulfilled.

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Yang Lie Xue is a soul hunter, a descendant from an alien race who help lost souls make their transition to the afterlife. She isn't very good at her job and because her family is famed for their immaculate track record, this results in quite a bit of friction. When Xue gets another chance to prove her worth, she decides to make a real effort.

The fantasy lore is interesting enough and there are moments when Xu shows he could one day be a capable director, but overall the film looks too cheap, the fantasy elements are poorly conceived and some misplaced comedy didn't help much either. It's certainly not a terrible film, it's just that the potential was there to be great, it just never really materialized.