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Too Cool to Kill

Zhe Ge Sha Shou Bu Tai Leng Jing
2022 / 109m - China
Comedy, Crime
Too Cool to Kill poster

A Chinese remake of Koki Mitani's The Magic Hour. The film was pretty successful in its homeland, which is not too surprising as the Chinese seem to love their comedies. And Chinese comedy is what you'll get. Too Cool to Kill is pretty over-the-top, with lots of winking and nudging and outrageous situations played for laughs.

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Wei dreams of becoming a comedy actor, he just isn't very good. He gets lucky when he is hired out of the blue to headline in a new film, what he doesn't know is that he is part of a great scam to fool some local criminals. Wei really gives it his all, which gets him into some very dangerous situations.

The performances aren't that great and the comedy is very hit-and-miss, but the budget was clearly there. The sets look lush and writer/director Xing had quite a bit of fun with the styling, it just never really compares to similar Hong Kong films that were released a decade ago (or Mitani's original). Decent fun.