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One of the most particular and unique directors working in the US today. Anderson's eye for composition and detail is mathematical, but his strong focus on meandering narratives and elaborate yet quirky detours isn't for everyone.

Rare treats

The Grand Budapest Hotel

by Wes Anderson
2014 / 99m - USA
The Grand Budapest Hotel poster

There are many priceless moments, many memorable scenes and plenty of amazing details that make the film that much better. The Grand Budapest Hotel is Anderson at his very best.

Isle of Dogs

by Wes Anderson
2018 / 101m - USA
Isle of Dogs poster

Spectacular stop-motion animation from Wes Anderson. It's witty, it's classy, it's funny and it looks smashing. There's so much attention to detail, so many different kind of gags and it's all executed so well. Just a smidgen too long, apart from that it's near-perfect.

The good stuff

Fantastic Mr Fox

by Wes Anderson
2009 / 87m - USA
Fantastic Mr Fox poster

If you like (stop-motion) animation this film is a definite recommendation. The animation itself could've been better, but the whole setting is just too much fun to pass on.

The French Dispatch

by Wes Anderson
2021 / 108m - USA
The French Dispatch poster

This feels like the last film in a cycle. The French Dispatch is pure, unfiltered Wes Anderson, probably at his most aesthetic and precise. At the same time, it's difficult to image what else Anderson can do with this style, as it did get a little repetitive over time. The insane pacing and different stories eat up a lot of energy, still, by the end it felt like Anderson didn't bring quite enough. It's a pretty uneven film that starts to fray once you look too closely at individual elements, on the other hand there's no one else like Anderson and the film is full-on cinematic fun. Not his best work, but if you love Anderson, it's almost impossible not to love this film.

Solid pieces

Moonrise Kingdom

by Wes Anderson
2012 / 94m - USA
Moonrise Kingdom poster

The Darjeeling Limited

by Wes Anderson
2007 / 91m - USA
The Darjeeling Limited poster

The Royal Tenenbaums

by Wes Anderson
2001 / 110m - USA
The Royal Tenenbaums poster

The inoffensive


by Wes Anderson
1998 / 93m - USA
Rushmore poster

Worthy but flawed

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

by Wes Anderson
2004 / 119m - USA
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou poster

Plain forgettable

Bottle Rocket

by Wes Anderson
1996 / 91m - USA
Bottle Rocket poster