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USA - 82 years old
R.I.P. (1906 - 1988)
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Legendary Disney director. If you love classic Disney, there's no avoiding Jackson's work. Like most Disney directors he's not much of an auteur, nor does he have many solo credits, but he did work on some of the biggest films in the industry.


Saludos Amigos

1942 / 42m - USA
Fantasy, Musical - Anthology, Animation
Saludos Amigos poster

Fun anthology that holds 4 shorts inspired by a trip through South-America. The interesting part is that you see the Disney crew enjoying their little vacation and making some sketches based on their impressions, accompanied by the shorts that evolved from them. It's short, charming and amusing, definitely one of Disney's better efforts.

Lady and the Tramp

1955 / 76m - USA
Romance - Animation
Lady and the Tramp poster


1950 / 74m - USA
Romance, Fantasy - Animation
Cinderella poster
Dumbo poster

Peter Pan

1953 / 77m - USA
Adventure - Animation
Peter Pan poster

Alice in Wonderland

1951 / 75m - USA
Fantasy, Adventure - Animation
Alice in Wonderland poster

The film that showed other animated anthologies the way. For that I am grateful, because I'm a big fan of the format, but the combination of classical music and the Disney aesthetic isn't that big of a success. The interaction between the animation and the music also isn't all that great. Not great.

Melody Time

1948 / 75m - USA
Musical - Animation
Melody Time poster

Song of the South

1946 / 94m - USA
Comedy, Fantasy, Musical - Animation
Song of the South poster

Somewhat of a forbidden fruit, if only because Disney refuses to rerelease the film. Look past the slavery elements and you'll find a very basic Disney musical with little to no dramatic drive, a couple of simple short animations and some overly happy songs. Not my cup of tea.