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Concrete Plans

2020 / 91m - UK
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A nice, moody little thriller with a somewhat uncommon premise that takes a little too long to get up to speed. The first hour plays more like a drama, with only minor hints that something is awry. The final 30 minutes make up quite a lot, but not enough to turn this into a sprawling nail biter.

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Bob and his crew of builders have taken on a job in the high mountains of Wales. It's a big responsibility with tight deadlines, but Bob and his men really need the money. Their client is a temperamental guy who seems to be hiding something from them, Bob's suspicion only grows when the money he's owned isn't coming.

Performances are good (though the accents are extremely thick), the score is atmospheric and the cinematography is decent. The introduction is overworked though and the added drama doesn't really do anything to make the film better. There's just a little too much padding, otherwise a neat little genre flick.