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Alive and kicking



Bing Fung: Chung Sang Chi Mun
2014 / 104m - Hong Kong
Action, Comedy
Iceman poster


Bou Ying
2011 / 94m - Hong Kong
Crime, Thriller
Punished poster

Tactical Unit: Comrades in Arms

Kei Tung Bou Deui: Tung Pou
2009 / 91m - Hong Kong
Action, Crime
Tactical Unit: Comrades in Arms poster

Running Out of Time 2

Aau Chin 2
2001 / 95m - Hong Kong
Crime, Action
Running Out of Time 2 poster

A sequel in name, with some returning cast members, but not doing much to honor the original concept. Unless of course the English title is completely random (which, admittedly, isn't unthinkable). Whatever the case, I did enjoy the first film a bit more, as the urgency and tension here aren't quite as pressing. The difference in overall quality is limited though.

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Detective Ho Sheung Sang returns and finds himself entangled in another tricky case. A master thief approaches him and wants to involve Sang in a revenge plot against a hardened business lady. Sang will need all of his wits to play along, while trying to build a solid case against the thief. Only this way could he hope to arrest the thief.

Ekin Cheng is a somewhat mediocre substitute for Andy Lau and the lack of fixed deadline for the immediate danger makes the film a little less tense. The cat and mouse games are fun and Ching Wan Lau is pretty good though, add some standout To moments (like the bike scene) and you have a pretty entertaining film. It's just nowhere close to his best work.