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Citizen Dog

Mah Nakorn
2004 / 100m - Thailand
Citizen Dog poster

If you want something light-hearted, fun, and visually exuberant, Citizen Dog is your film. It's a lovely little comedy with a lot of heart, warmth, and plenty of interesting and original ideas.

Tears of the Black Tiger

Fah Talai Jone
2000 / 110m - Thailand
Comedy, Romance, Western
Tears of the Black Tiger poster

It's not easy describing Sasanatieng's first, as it's an impossible combination of elements that shouldn't be allowed to go well together. Even so, he makes it work somehow. Expect a pink and blue coloured Thai Western with classic soapy romance elements and pretty gritty violence. It's equally bonkers as it is amazing and it hasn't aged a bit.

The Unseeable

Pen Choo Kub Pee
2006 / 94m - Thailand
Romance, Horror, Mystery
The Unseeable poster

Ten Years Thailand

2018 / 95m - Thailand
Drama, Sci-fi, Fantasy - Anthology
Ten Years Thailand poster

Third entry in the Ten Years anthology franchise, also the best one. The problem with the Ten Years anthologies is that most of the entries don't care too much about the overarching concept. While artistic freedom is definitely welcomed, especially in anthology projects, some base level sci-fi (even when it's just near-future) would be dearly appreciated.

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Assarat and Weerasethakul's shorts could just as well be about present-day Thailand. There are some conceptual ideas about the future here (though hardly related to any kind of realistic future), but there is no world building, no genre elements. It feels a bit lazy and cheap, but not totally unexpected considering the past work of both directors.

The films of Siriphol and Sasanatieng are polar opposites and cook up a completely fantastical future. While still a long way off from the core premise, at least these films are creative and fun, with Sasanatieng's creepy/weird cat-dystopia as the clear highlight of the anthology. By far the two best short across the entire Ten Years franchise, but still not quite what I'd like to see from this project. Maybe just hire some directors with an affinity for the genre next tim?

The Whole Truth

2021 / 125m - Thailand
Horror, Mystery
The Whole Truth poster

Wisit Sasanatieng used to be one of the most talented Thai directors, this Netflix project feels more like the work of a director earning his paycheck. It's a decent enough horror flick, but not too different from what we've come to expect from the genre. And in the 20s, you need more to stand out.

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A mother of two is involved in a car accident and ends up in the hospital. Her two kids stay with their grandparents while their mom's in a coma. There they discover a strange hole in the wall. Peering through it, they can see a different world. The odd thing is that their grandparents aren't able to see the hole.

Asian horror means trauma from the past, and The Whole Truth sticks to the conventions rather neatly. The build-up is slow, the haunts aren't that scary anymore, but the direction is decent and the second half does have a few solid horror scenes. Decent filler, only not a very memorable film.

Red Eagle

In See Daeng
2010 / 130m - Thailand
Red Eagle poster