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Taoist Master

Longhushan Zhang Tian Shi
2020 / 91m - China
Fantasy, Action
Taoist Master poster

One of the better films if you want to break into China's major genre boom. At 90 minutes it is in fact one of the longer films in its niche, but it's clear the extra minutes were granted because of the competence of the director and crew. It feels a lot like the early 90s Hong Kong work, which is always a blessing.

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The plot is simple but effective, ideal for a genre film like this. The leader of an evil cult wants to revive the 8 ghostly generals. To do that he has to find their reincarnated souls. The final one is a disciple of Master Zhang, a famous Taoist master who isn't willing to simply give up on his pupil. And so he sets out to clear up the mystery of the disappearances.

The sets look great, the action scenes are stylishly executed and the performances are well above average. There's still a little subpar CG, that feels even more out of place when the rest is done so well. But fans of oldskool martial arts films are sure to have a lot of fun with this one. One of the best coming out of China so far.