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Devil in Dune

2021 / 78m - China
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China does Dune mixed with Mad Max on a budget. While they're clearly nailing some genres, sci-fi is proving to be a tough nut to crack. We're not talking Asylum-level bad here, but there are moments that seem to reference the work of the infamous American knock-off studio. I wouldn't bother too much with this film, unless you're starved for sci-fi.

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Earth has become little more than a wasteland, ruled by dangerous sand worms who consider people to be their primary source of food. A group of refugees is trying to reach the Oasis, one of the final strongholds of humanity. Their trip takes them right through the desert, and the hungry worms are on their tale. The worms aren't the only danger they'll have to face.

It all comes down to one thing: terrible CG. The worms look like drab blobs, which makes them dull enemies. The performances are somewhat decent, pacing and runtime are what they should be, but that's of little importance when the film itself doesn't really deliver. They really need to do better, but practice makes perfect.