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The inoffensive

The Cloud in Her Room

Ta Fang Jian Li De Yun
2020 / 101m - China
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A pleasant, though somewhat typical Chinese arthouse drama. The meandering pace, the black and white cinematography and the subtle soundtrack are all pretty expected, at the same time there are nicely executed, and director Lu does manage to sculpt a nice portrait about a girl struggling with her past.

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The old and rundown apartment of Muzi's parents is a stark memento of their failed relationship. Muzi's father went off to make a new family, her mother loves to hang around with people from all around the globe. The broken marriage makes it difficult for Muzi to truly commit herself in her own relationships.

The cinematography isn't too original, but there are some very beautiful shots here that add a bit of class. The soundtrack is decent, performances are solid and the slow pacing helps to anchor the mood. It's definitely not a bad film, there just isn't enough that set it apart for me personally.