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The Crossing

by Xue Bai
Guo Chun Tian
2018 / 99m - China
Crime, Drama
The Crossing poster

A pleasant, contemporary urban drama from China, sporting minor crime elements. The Crossing isn't anything too out of the ordinary, apart from maybe the almost effortless blend of Chinese and Hong Kong sensibilities in a single film production. The only thing missing here is a slightly more definitive signature.

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Two girls are planning a trip to Japan. The tickets are quite pricey, so they come up with ways to earn an extra buck. When one of the girls gets entangled in a smuggling scheme things are looking up, as the money starts pouring in. She keeps taking bigger and bigger risks though, the biggest spending more time with her best friend's boyfriend.

The soundtrack is poppy but stylish, the performances are great, the cinematography familiar bit slick (maybe even giving off some Taiwanese vibes). The plot and the drama are a little basic though and the crime elements feel a little tacked on. These are just minor complaints for an otherwise very sweet and capable film.