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2021 / 108m - Japan
Mystery, Sci-fi
Cube poster

A Japanese remake of Natali's Cube, in the most basic sense of the word. It's the same film, 25 years later, with Japanese actors (and slightly longer). It's been ages since I watched the original, but the concept is so singular that it doesn't really need a remake, certainly not one that stick so closely to the original material.

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A guy wakes up in an empty room with several other people. The room has 6 exits, some rooms have traps that kill swiftly and indiscriminately. The group starts moving around, learning more about the labyrinth through trial and error. Finding an exit proves quite tricky, as all the rooms like alike.

The film looks slick enough and people unfamiliar with the original will probably have a much better time with this remake. The extra runtime is unnecessary, and it all felt a bit too safe and predictable. It's not a terrible remake, not a bad one either, just a very redundant one.