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The Bandit

1996 / 128m - Turkey
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A Turkish classic. I haven't seen too many Turkish films yet, but this didn't inspire much trust in the rest of their output. I couldn't find anything unique or original here (except maybe the ending) and at two hours it's way too long. Just a simple crime flick that feels like it was made for TV.

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Baran is an eskiya (a mountain thief) who spent the last 35 years in prison. Upon release, he vows to find his old love. That journey takes him to Istanbul, but Baran isn't used to the big city life. In Istanbul, he bumps into some city criminals who decide to help Baran with his little quest.

Sener Sen is a nice lead and the finale stands out, but the rest of the film is quite poor. The cast is disappointing, the cinematography is dim, the soundtrack atrocious. The story is also quite predictable and the pacing is too slow, dragging everything out unnecessarily. Not worthy of its reputation.