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1970 / 100m - Turkey
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Turkey has a proper movie industry with a relatively sizeable commercial output, but when talking about its critically respected films, it's mostly just poverty porn dramas. A barrage of misery and defeat, preferably shot in black and white, with a downward spiral that never seems to end well.

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Cabbar has a horse carriage he uses to drive people around. When a car causes his horse to die, Cabbar soon realizes that justice won't prevail. Without a means to provide for his family, he starts to despair. Then he hears about a treasure buried in the desert. It's his only remaining hope to get his life back on track.

This is not a fun film, nor a well-made one. The cinematography is okay, though technically imperfect. The soundtrack is pretty terrible, the performances lack subtlety and the drama is an absolute bore. There's really nothing here for me. Cheap and unattractive, but if you like 100 minutes of unfiltered misery, this might just be a dream come true.