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Ghost Story

by Yin Bo
Liao Zhai Xin Chuan Zhi Hau Pi Ren
2022 / 89m - China
Fantasy, Romance
Ghost Story poster

I've seen better lately. Ghost Story offers a pretty basic kitsune tale, mixing fantasy, romance, and action elements in a typical Chinese blend. It's not a bad film and it's a perfectly serviceable filler, but there's not enough here to set it apart from similar films, and there have been a lot lately. The bar for this type of streamer filler is simply higher nowadays.

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Xiang is a fox spirit who falls into the hands of a much more powerful demon. While he is fighting with a Taoist priest, Xiang finally manages to escape. When she reaches the land of humans, she bumps into Wang, who is kind enough to take her in. Xiang and Wang are immediately attracted to each other, but he doesn't know that Xiang is really a demon.

Ghost Story offers a very basic plot with literally no surprises. The setting and costumes are lush, but the CG is lacking and the performances are pretty dim. I've also come to appreciate the shorter run times associated with these films, 90 minutes feels a bit too long for what it has to offer. Not bad, but there's better out there.