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Hotel Leikeu
2020 / 101m - South Korea
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A rather straightforward South-Korean horror flick. A bit too basic maybe, because the film makes no real effort to bring anything new to the table. The bigger problem is that it isn't all that scary or thrilling. The base quality is there and the film still functions quite well as basic horror filler, but that's about it.

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Yoo-mi has no way to care for her younger sister, so she drops her off at the hotel of one of her mother's friends. It's either that or the orphanage. The woman convinces her to stay for a couple of days, and Yoo-mi obliges reluctantly. It doesn't take long before she starts seeing strange apparitions.

The setting is lovely and the cinematography is above par. The performances are solid too, but that's where the good critique ends. The story is rather dull, the scares are boring and the drama takes up too much space. It's just way too generic to leave any kind of mark. Not bad, but extremely forgettable.