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Over the Sky

Kimi wa Kanata
2020 / 95m - Japan
Fantasy, Romance - Animation
Over the Sky poster

Too many people in the anime scene want to be the next Shinkai or Hosoda. Without their skills to match and a sizeable budget to back some decent animation, the result is often extremely derivative. Over the Sky is a perfect example. I felt like I'd seen this film before, only executed with much more precision and way better skills.

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Mio is secretly in love with Arata, her childhood friend. She doesn't dare to confess her feelings, fearing it might mess up their friendship. After a spat with Arata, Mio seeks him out to apologize, but a traffic accident gets in the way of her plans. Mio wakes up in a realm between our world and the afterlife. There she'll have to choose her future.

The animation quality is pretty poor and the art style quite dull. It really feels like a cut-and-paste job of more famous films and directors, with very little personality present to set the film apart. If you like a decent fantasy/romance, it's not the worst film ever made, but the bar is set quite high and Over the Sky never comes close.